Is Waterproof Mascara Better for Sensitive Eyes?

Eyes are often called the window to your soul. For centuries women have been using kohl to line their eyes and make them look attractive. Most women love dressing up their eyes with various products like eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara. But many times, it may so happen that not all products work well with your…

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10 Steps How to Use a Bow Brush

The most attractive feature of a person’s face is the eyes. Women have used kohl to decorate their eyes for ages. Nowadays, people create different eye looks in an attempt to showcase it beautifully. Making your eyes the center of attraction on your face requires taking care of a key aspect: your eyebrows. Your eyebrows…

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5 Ways to Take Care of Sensitive Face Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Taking care of it from head to toe should be everyone’s priority. Most people primarily take care of their facial skin and the skin on their body takes a back seat. But that should not be done, taking care of your entire skin protects you from…

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10 Tips for Strongly and Healthy Nails

It may seem like nails are a trivial part of your body and serve no purpose, but the truth is, nails do more for you than you think. It acts as a barrier between your skin and any external factors like dust and bacteria and doesn’t let them get into your system easily. They also…

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I started Tender Warriors Club as a place to talk about products and experiences in a way that just wasn’t possible in magazines or papers: I wanted to say if a product was rubbish and not just discretely ‘not mention it’.. I just felt consumers had a right to know if they were throwing their money away. Basically, I had gathered so much product knowledge and it was all sitting in my brain doing nothing, so along came the blog.

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