5 Ways to Use Hair Rollers for Easy Waves

Curls in your hair have always been an elegant and feminine look. Earlier, women used to spend hours at salons to get their hair curls and achieve the perfect bounce in their hair. But now you can easily achieve that using curling irons and hair rollers. While curling irons are quick and easy to use,…

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The Ideal Hair Care Routine for Long Hair

For women, their hair is an asset. Taking care of their hair is as important as looking after their health. For centuries women have focused a great deal on taking care of their mane and many women prefer to keep their hair long. As beautiful as long hair looks, it is just as difficult to…

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Different Types of Hair Bangs

Getting trendy haircuts has been in vogue for a long time. You can get literally any type of haircut you want, there are plenty of styles to choose from. But that doesn’t mean every haircut and style will look good on you. A mistake that many people make when getting haircuts is that they expect…

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How Long Does Pink Hair Last?

With colored hair being very trendy these days, you can ask your hairstylist for any color that you desire, literally. Be it your regular browns and blondes to eccentric blues and greens, you can dye your hair any color you like. Some colors last longer than others on your hair. With a brighter color like…

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Which Straightener is Best for Damaged Hair?

We all know how much damage applying heat can cause to our hair. No matter how much you try, you seem to gravitate towards heat tools for styling your hair. For many, this is because they like the results with a hot iron better than other heatless means. For some others, it is because of…

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