Why is Your Hair Color Darker on the Ends?

Coloring your hair can really make you look like a different person. It is a great way of experimenting with your look. Depending on your preference, you can choose to dye your hair in any shade of color you want, literally. You can get it done professionally or do it yourself at home. Getting your…

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How Long Does Pink Hair Last?

With colored hair being very trendy these days, you can ask your hairstylist for any color that you desire, literally. Be it your regular browns and blondes to eccentric blues and greens, you can dye your hair any color you like. Some colors last longer than others on your hair. With a brighter color like…

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Which Straightener is Best for Damaged Hair?

We all know how much damage applying heat can cause to our hair. No matter how much you try, you seem to gravitate towards heat tools for styling your hair. For many, this is because they like the results with a hot iron better than other heatless means. For some others, it is because of…

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Which Natural Oils Stimulate Hair Growth?

It is an age-old practice to apply oil on your hair to promote the healthy growth of hair. Women have been doing this for eons and there’s a good reason behind it. Massaging your scalp and your hair promotes blood circulation towards the roots of your hair, which promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall,…

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