Is Waterproof Mascara Better for Sensitive Eyes?

Eyes are often called the window to your soul. For centuries women have been using kohl to line their eyes and make them look attractive. Most women love dressing up their eyes with various products like eyeshadows, eyeliner, and mascara. But many times, it may so happen that not all products work well with your eyes. And if you have sensitive eyes, you want to be extra careful with the product you put on your eyes, because otherwise, it can be really irritating for your eyes.

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Mascara is something most women use on their eyelashes on a daily basis. They can instantly make your eyes look beautiful. Many women prefer wearing waterproof mascara, as they stay on their lashes all day long without having to reapply it. People with sensitive eyes tend to stay away from mascara because it can really irritate your eyes if its flakes get into the eyes. But the look that mascara gives to your eyes is really pretty. If you are looking for mascara for sensitive eyes, look for hypoallergenic mascaras or ones that are ophthalmologically tested. These are safe to use for your delicate eyes. Waterproof mascara better for sensitive eyes as it does not flake easily, because it’s the dried up mascara flakes that irritate your eyes the most and make them watery.

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When looking for a mascara for sensitive eyes, look for labels that say it is safe for lens users, free from fragrance, etc. These are indicators that the product won’t irritate your sensitive or watery eyes and will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Waterproof mascara is better for sensitive eyes or for eyes that get watery easily because your mascara won’t run down your face and ruin your look, just in case your eyes do get watery ever so often.

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