Real Ingredients. Real Results.

Don’t let harmful ingredients and chemicals drag you down. At Tender Warriors Club we’re dedicated to creating nourishing, from-the-earth formulas using real ingredients for real results. What does that mean? It means we want to help you keep things real by using natural, plant-derived ingredients so that you can look your best while falling in love with our products. It’s not hard, trust us.

Each and every Tender Warriors Club product is lovingly formulated to contain just what’s necessary to help you look beautiful – no more and no less. We believe that life is stressful enough as it is which is why we want to make sure your personal care routine is a totally guilt-free experience. That means our formulas are made without sulfates, parabens, silicones and other harmful chemicals – as well as no harm to cute, furry friends. Instead, we search the globe for quality, clean ingredients to pack our bottles with nothing but the very best for you and your loved ones.

I started Tender Warriors Club as a place to talk about products and experiences in a way that just wasn’t possible in magazines or papers: I wanted to say if a product was rubbish and not just discretely ‘not mention it’.. I just felt consumers had a right to know if they were throwing their money away. Basically, I had gathered so much product knowledge and it was all sitting in my brain doing nothing, so along came the blog.

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