Which Natural Oils Stimulate Hair Growth?

It is an age-old practice to apply oil on your hair to promote the healthy growth of hair. Women have been doing this for eons and there’s a good reason behind it. Massaging your scalp and your hair promotes blood circulation towards the roots of your hair, which promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall, thereby preventing hair loss. You may experience hair loss when your hair takes longer than usual to grow back once shed. You can use certain oils containing properties that can promote healthy hair growth if you are struggling with it. Natural oils stimulate hair growth which is beneficial in preventing hair loss.

lavender oilSome people don’t like putting oil in their hair because it does not look good, or because it should be left on overnight, or simply because they don’t like the smell of it. Such people can make good use of a hair mask that does not need to be left in the hair overnight. Hair masks can get the job done in 15 to 30 minutes. You can mask hair masks for fast-growing hair at home as well as using natural oils. The concentration in which the oil is used should also be kept in mind, as some of them are potent and should be used in a lesser quantity to get the desired results.

Essential oils come in handy when you are trying to treat a specific hair concern as they treat it by targeting the scalp, the root of your concerns. Always remember to use essential oils by mixing them with a carrier oil, live coconut oil, or olive oil. Carrier oils dilute the essential oil, thus ensuring it is safe to use on the body.

Here are some oils that will stimulate hair growth when used regularly:

Lavender oil

This oil not only soothes you, but it can also stimulate hair growth. It stimulates cell regeneration in your scalp which helps in better hair growth and speeds up hair growth. Its antibacterial properties will keep your scalp clean and itch-free.

Peppermint oil

This oil tingles on your skin and feels cold on the scalp, but this is not something to be worried about as it indicates that it is working. Peppermint helps in hair growth when the hair is in its growing stage. It can also aid in better overall hair health.

Rosemary oil

This oil can effectively promote hair growth on your scalp and improve the texture and thickness of your hair. It improves the cell generation ability in your scalp when used regularly.

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