How Long Does Pink Hair Last?

With colored hair being very trendy these days, you can ask your hairstylist for any color that you desire, literally. Be it your regular browns and blondes to eccentric blues and greens, you can dye your hair any color you like. Some colors last longer than others on your hair. With a brighter color like reds and pinks, the cool look is short-lived, as these colors wash out easily. When these brighter colors are washed out, their intensity reduces greatly and tends to fade out in an uneven fashion.

While pink hair does look really cool, don’t expect to stay the same for too long. Pink hair is very high maintenance, so if you want to stick with the trend, you will have to make some changes in your day to day life. Since getting pink hair means inflicting some serious damage to your hair, you will have to take great care of your new hair color. The pre-lightening process can really damage your hair and make them weak. In order to take care of pink hair, you will have to replace your regular shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfate-free shampoos can increase the life of the colour and they are generally better for your hair.

Pink hair fades fast and the time pink hair lasts for is anywhere between 1 to 6 weeks. There are certain factors that determine how long your color will last, they are:

  • Your hair texture and condition
  • Quality of dye used
  • How many times you wash your hair
  • Which products you use to wash your hair
  • How much heat you use on your hair

dye your hair

Based on these factors, the bright color may last for as less as 1 week or as much as 6 weeks. If you want to maintain the pink mane, you will have to regularly visit the salon to get touch-ups or other treatments are done to maintain your hair health. You will also have to use products specially made for color-treated hair so that the color lasts longer and your hair remains healthy. You can increase the time pink hair lasts by taking good care of your colour treated hair by using the correct products and using the right techniques to take care of your pink hair.

As pink hair fade fast, enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t fret about its longevity as in any case, it won’t stay longer than your regular hair dyes. This will allow you to experiment with other colors as well and you won’t be stuck with the same pink hair for too long.

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