Why is Your Hair Color Darker on the Ends?

Coloring your hair can really make you look like a different person. It is a great way of experimenting with your look. Depending on your preference, you can choose to dye your hair in any shade of color you want, literally. You can get it done professionally or do it yourself at home. Getting your hair done by professionals will give you good results almost every time. They are trained to blend colors seamlessly into your hair to give you the look you desire.

There is a lot of technique involved in hair coloring that contributes to achieving the perfect look every single time. There are some basics of getting the color job done right, which is, getting the tone of the color right, preparing the base (i.e. your hair) well, and applying the color correction to give the right amount of coverage. People who get their hair done by an inexperienced hairstylist or try doing their hair on their own often face the problem of having uneven color. In some parts, the hair color darker on the ends as compared to the roots and lengths, or the color does not give enough coverage. Sometimes this problem can also occur because of the texture and quality of your hair.

blend colors

There are a few reasons why the hair dye come out darker on the ends than the roots. Here’s some of them listed:

The ends are more porous: If you have colored your hair before, you may notice that the ends get darker than the root when coloring it again. This is because the lengths and ends of your hair are more porous than the roots. This means that the color gets absorbed more in the lengths, making it darker.  To overcome this problem, only color the parts that need a touchup.

Wrong application: Many times we focus the color application more on the ends than towards the roots. The color gets deposited more on the ends due to the uneven application of the dye. This gives the ends a darker look than the roots. Avoid concentrating the color on the ends and evenly distribute the color on the lengths and roots of your hair.

Uneven proportions: Before dyeing your hair, you need to mix the developer, which is the chemical component, and the dye itself in the right quantities to get the right effect and color on your hair. In case you haven’t mixed them in the right quantities, your color itself will apply unevenly, leaving you with darker ends.

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